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Established in 1935, Hioki has grown to be a respected developer and manufacturer of innovative test and measurement instruments.

Hioki products include: Power Quality Analyzers (PQA); Insulation Testing; Data Acquisition Recorders; Power Demand Meters; Data Loggers; AM Meters; Volt Meters; Clamp-Ons; Digital Multimeters; Meters; Testers; Field Use Measurement Instruments; Electronic Measurement Instruments; Recorders and Automatic Test Equipment.

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Data Acquisition OscilloscopesData Acquisition Oscilloscope

Multichannel Data Loggers Multichannel Data Loggers

Compact Data Loggers Compact Data Loggers

LCR Meters Impedance AnalyzersLCR Meters Impedance Analyzers

Battery TestersBattery Testers

Resistance MetersResistance Meters

Electrometers PicoammetersElectrometers Picoammeters

Electrical Safety Testers Hipot TestersElectrical Safety Testers Hipot Testers

Benchtop Digital MultimetersBenchtop Digital Multimeters

Signal GeneratorsSignal Generators

Power MetersPower Meters

Power AnalyzersPower Analyzers

Power LoggersPower Loggers

Power Quality AnalyzersPower Quality Analyzers

Current Probes Current SensorsCurrent Probes Current Sensors

Optical Power Meters PV maintenance LAN Cable TestersOptical Power Meters PV maintenance LAN Cable Testers

Magnetic Field Temperature Sound | Lux | RotationMagnetic Field Temperature Sound | Lux | Rotation

Digital MultimetersDigital Multimeters

Insulation Testers MegohmmetersInsulation Testers Megohmmeters

Clamp MetersClamp Meters

Ground Testers Voltage Detectors Phase DetectorsGround Testers Voltage Detectors Phase Detectors

Automatic Test EquipmentAutomatic Test Equipment

Meter RelaysMeter Relays

Specialized SolutionsSpecialized Solutions

Other Electrical Measuring InstrumentsOther Electrical Measuring Instruments

Exclusive Academic OffersExclusive Academic Offers