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Perceptive Industries

Perceptive Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide array of customized industrial ovens to address specific customer applications. Industries served include general manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive facilities.

Perceptive Industries products fall into three broad categories:

  • Industrial Ovens and Dryers 
  • Thermal Oxidizer and Fume Abatement Equipment
  • Heat Recovery Systems



Industrial Ovens and Dryers.

Perceptive Industries is a dynamic company offering innovative, robust and economical solutions for the most demanding industrial oven requirements. Engineered systems range from heavy duty batch ovens to fully automated turnkey oven/thermal systems.
Perceptive Industries experience is unmatched and based on over 35 years of manufacturing batch ovens, top loading ovens, conveyor ovens, drop bottom ovens, monorail ovens and more. 
Thermal Processes include:
  • Aluminum Aging
  • Solutions Heat Treat
  • Coating Curing
  • Thermal Degreasing
  • Warming
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Stress Relieving

Thermal Oxidizers

Perceptive Industries' oxidizers line includes regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic, recuperative, straight incineration and several unique abatement and scrubber combinations.

Heat Recovery Systems.

PII can provide expertise in energy recovery programs that can dramatically reduce operating costs. Perceptive Industries can provide qualified engineers to evaluate your process and make recommendations on energy recovery and saving.

For additional information, please contact Kemp Instruments or visit Perceptive Industries website