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Thermal Management for Enclosures

Seifert Systems is a globally recognized company with over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing thermal management products. Seifert Systems products cool, heat, ventilate, dehumidify and illuminate enclosed controls.

Enclosure Air ConditionersSolitherm is Seifert Systems' line of six air conditioner series for cooling applications. These are designed for indoor and outdoor, recessed and external mounting, top mount, rack and tight space applications. Seifert air conditioners meet UL Type 12, 3R and 4 standards. 4X are also available. Cooling capacities range from 1,000 BTU through 21,000 BTU – depending on the series.


thermal controlsThermal controls and accessories are designed to fit and work with Seifert products. They include filter media, filter holders, NEMA 4X covers, temperature controller, mounting kits, condensate kits and more.


 Thermoelectric Cooler Product Line PhotoSeifert thermoelectric coolers can operate effectively in environments which are dusty and oily and where temperatures may vary from -4°F to 149°F. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, all thermoelectric coolers comply to UL type 4X. Depending on the cooling capacity thermoelectric coolers are available with AC or DC voltage



air water heat exchangerSeifert air to air heat exchangers are designed to meet all industry standards. They are compact, and can be used if a cold water supply is available and meets industry standards.




filter fanFilter fans are non-active-cooling accessories for electrical enclosures and control cabinets. They are the simplest cooling method, provided that the temperature of the ambient air is lower than the cabinet air. Exhaust filters are also available in EMC tested versions.


enclosure heaterCabinet heaters are an important thermal management solutions. Temperature differences in cabinets, mostly in outdoor applications, can result in humidity and condensation which may cause function failures and corrosion. The right heating unit for your cabinet can eliminate these problems.

led lights bothSeifert StripLite LED enclosure lights have been specifically designed for illuminating control cabinets. They are available with an integrated on/off switch or motion sensor. Mounting is based on magnetic clamps and requires literally no installation. These lights are designed to be daisy-chained together for additional illumination.



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IMS/AMCO Engineering

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With over 70 years of experience, Amco Enclosures - an IMS Engineered Products Brand, is a recognized leader in the design, manufacture and integration of standard or custom electronic racks, cabinets, enclosures and consoles for all segments of industry. Its initial role in the market place was as a supplier to the US Military for various projects and programs. The attention to detail as a supplier created a standard line of enclosures that still sets the industry standard to this date. Eight different standard 19" and 24" rack frame product lines provide solutions for nearly any enclosure requirement. Amco Enclosures can also modify standard enclosures products (configure to order), or create custom enclosures to meet your specific requirements.

As an ISO9001 registered company, Amco Enclosures strives to supply the highest quality electronic enclosure products, incorporating contemporary design, competitive prices and responsive support


Data Racks

Titan DT - New data rack series with expanded sizes, features and capabilities. 5400 lb load rating

     TCM - Titan Cable Management Rack

     Containment - Hot/Cold Aisle and Rack Containment

     Colocation Cages - Security barrier around your cabinets and IT infrastructure

     Power Whips - Data center under floor and overhead PowerWhips

     Titan ZN4 DT - Seismic Zone 4 Data Racks certified to GR-63-CORE

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Electronic Packaging Racks

Titan EP - Contemporary new enclosure series with expanded capabilities and high load ratings

     Titan ZN4 EP - Seismic ZN4 electronic packaging cabinet

FX - Legacy line of general packaging enclosures

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Specialty Racks

Military Shielded - High performance enclosures for military applications

Commercial Shielded - High performance enclosures for commercial applications

Desktop Racks - Desktop cabinet for standard storage

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Aluminum HD Framing

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