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Dynamic instrumentation for shock, vibration and pressure measurements utilizing piezoelectric, piezoresistive and variable capacitance technologies

Founded in 1947, Endevco Corporation has grown from a small research and development firm to an international corporation, supporting customers with a global network of manufacturing and research facilities, sales offices and field engineers. For 60 years Endevco has been providing the most trusted solutions for the world's most challenging measurement applications.

Featured Products

Model 12M1B

The Endevco model 12M1B Picochip is a high performance piezoelectric accelerometer packaged as a surface mount chip component. The unit is engineered for integration in standard hybrid or SMT electronics packages along with custom designed signal conditioning circuits, allowing the user to create miniaturized shock and vibration measurement systems in one completely integrated package.

The model 12M1B features Endevco's Piezite type P-8 bimorph sensing element, operating in the bender mode, which provides low base strain sensitivity, low pyroelectric output, and extremely high charge output versus size. Contact to the sensing element is made through two thick film gold metalized mounting pads on the bottom surface of the alumina case. The unit is designed to be mounted with conductive adhesives or solder. Since the model 12M1B is a high impedance piezoelectric device, extreme care must be exercised in shielding it from stray electromagnetic noise.

Model 23

The Endevco model 23 is the world's smallest triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer. It is designed specifically for vibration measurement in three orthogonal axes on small objects such as scaled models, circuit boards, and disk drives. Its light weight, (0.8 gm) without the replaceable coaxial cables, effectively eliminates mass loading. All three low-noise cables exit from a single surface to allow mounting flexibility. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

The model 23 features Endevco's Piezite Type P-8 crystal element, operating in radial shear mode, which exhibits excellent long term output sensitivity stability. Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface of the unit by a hard anodized surface. Specially designed low-noise coaxial cables are supplied for error-free operation. An accelerometer/cable removal tool is included in the package to ensure proper removal in the field. Endevco signal conditioner models 133, 2775A or Oasis 2000 computer-controlled system are recommended for use with this high impedance accelerometer.

Model 65HT

The extended temperature capability (+175 C) and high performance of Endevco's model 65HT triaxial accelerometer distinguish it from competitor offerings. The Endevco model 65HT is packaged in a 10-mm cube of welded titanium construction. Interface to the model 65HT is via a hermetically sealed 4-pin connector. Using the latest technology in high temperature components and processes, the micro-electronic circuits are designed and built specifically to continuously operate at +175 C. It is supplied with high temperature cable assemblies as a standard accessory.

The model 65HT's excellent frequency responses, both amplitude and phase, provide the user with a triaxial accelerometer ideally suited for structural and component testing in automotive test cells, environmental test chambers and general laboratory applications. The reduced size of this accelerometer enables the test engineer or technician to measure the accelerations of three orthogonal axes of vibration simultaneously on lightweight structures.

Model 751

The Endevco model 751 is a low-cost, lightweight piezoelectric accelerometers with integral electronics, designed specifically for measuring vibration on small structures. This unit is hermetically sealed against environmental contamination. The 751 features a high output sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, and a wide bandwidth. Model 751 is the best value in accelerometers on the market today.

The model 751 features Endevco's Piezite Type P-8 crystal element, operating in annular shear mode, which exhibits low base strain sensitivity and excellent output stability over time. This accelerometer incorporates an internal hybrid signal conditioner in a two-wire system, which transmits its low impedance voltage output through the same cable that supplies the constant current power. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit. When used with an isolated mounting stud, it can be electrically isolated from ground. A model number suffix indicates acceleration sensitivity in mV/g; i.e., 751-100 features output sensitivity of 100 mV/g.

Model 2221F

The Endevco model 2221F piezoelectric accelerometer is designed specifically for high temperature vibration measurement on small structures and objects. The unit is hermetically sealed and it is ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions. Its light weight (11 gm) effectively minimizes mass loading. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

The model 2221F features Endevco's Piezite type P-8 crystal element, operating in annular shear mode. This unit exhibits excellent output sensitivity stability over time. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit and, when used with an isolated mounting screw, the accelerometer is electrically isolated from ground. A low noise coaxial cable is supplied for error-free operation. The transducer has a centrally located thru bolt, allowing for 360 cable orientation. The unit may also be adhesively mounted if the application permits.

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