Kemp Instruments is pleased to offer Emergency Power Generators by Generac Industrial Power, one of North America’s largest suppliers of power generation equipment. For more than five decades, Generac has designed and manufactured diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators, which can work alone, or be paralleled to provide you with unmatched genset solutions.

Diesel Generators (30kW to 1250kW+)

Diesel-fueled are a traditional choice for high kW applications, as well as for facilities where code requirements (NEC 700 and NFPA 110) call for on-site fuel storage, such as hospitals and emergency response centers. The all-power diesel engines are easy to maintain, and provide incredible endurance in the harshest environments. Diesel generators also provide the response and longevity required for many applications. They are also EPA-compliant from the Generac factory.


Generac Industrial Power Diesel Genset 150kW main 04Generac Industrial Power Diesel Genset 300kW main 04Generac Industrial Power Diesel Genset 750kW main 04


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Gaseous Generators (35 kW to 750 kW)

Natural gas is becoming the preferred solution in many applications as it provides much longer runtimes, the permitting is easier, and units with natural gas have 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel generators. In addition, there is virtually no maintenance associated with natural gas generators. Generac is the expert in natural gas generators: with two Frost and Sullivan Awards and a recent CSE award for our 500 kW generators.


Generac Industrial Power Gaseous Genset 70kW main 04Generac Industrial Power Gaseous Genset 450kW main 01


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BI-FUEL™ Generators

BI-FUEL™ generators combine the power of diesel fuel with the longevity of natural gas. They meet the NEC and NFPA code requirements for on-site fuel storage while providing the reliability of natural gas flow during a crisis or weather event. Should natural gas not be available, the generator can run on diesel fuel. Generac offers fully integrated solutions that are the only EPA-compliant generators straight from the factory.


Generac Industrial Power Bi Fuel Genset 600kW main 01

Generac Industrial Power Bi Fuel Genset 500kW main 04








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Transfer Switches

Generac offers a full line of Industrial Transfer Switches to meet varying needs from light industrial applications all the way to the most demanding critical installations. All Generac switches offer contacts that are silver composite, which resists pitting or burning, ultimately leading to longer life and the reliability. These switches are ISO 9000 certified, meet all relevant NEC codes, and are rated for full load transfers in critical operating, emergency, legally required, and optional power systems.

TX 200NEMA FRONT Non Service crop and resize

TX Series Transfer Switches




  • Small footprint, results in easy mounting and installation for reduced time and costs
  • Cable Entry is Top or Bottom
  • Double-Throw, Stored Energy Transfer Mechanism
  • Can be Electrically Isolated while Energized


GTS Transfer Switches




  • 100 - 2,600 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed Transition
  • Two Wire-Start – Any Controller
  • Contactor Technology

Generac Industrial Power Genset Transfer Switch HTS

HTS Transfer Switches




  • 100 - 2,600 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed Transition
  • Power Manager® H-100 or G-100 Controller
  • Service and Non-Service Entrance Rated

Generac Industrial Power Genset Transfer Switch PSTS

PSTS Transfer Switches




  • 100 - 5000 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed, Bypass Isolation, or Closed Transition
  • Two Wire-Start – Any Controller
  • Service and Non-Service Entrance Rate

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Generator Controllers

Generac Power Systems offers a full line of industrial controllers to fit your generator needs. From the standard G-Panel/H-Panel Controllers to the more advanced and modern Power Zone Controller line.

Powerzone Pro Sync Power Zone® Pro Sync

  • Remote monitoring and customization control with no additional cost
  • Easy to access manuals and help tips
  • First in the market to feature Bluetooth

Powerzone pro


Power Zone® Pro




  • 24.3” Touch Screen Color Display
  • Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Webserver
  • Quick Status Indication

H Panel 1






  • Electronic Controller that integrates all engine and transfer switch functions into a single control system
  • Digital controls for all safety shutdowns
  • Color touchscreen display
  • Password protection for all control

G Panel






  • Remote Display and Programing Via Laptop
  • Touch Screen
  • Internal Built-In Modem
  • Communication Between Gen-sets Via Standard Modbus Protocol 

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