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Kemp Instruments

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Kemp Instruments, a technical sales agency, desires to be the premier manufacturers' representative providing professional solutions with quality products and unmatched service for our customers and principals.


Kaman Sensors

The World's Leader in High-Performance Noncontact Position Sensors

Measurement Specialties

Force, Position, Pressure, Temperature, and Vibration Sensors

Meggitt Sensing Systems (Endevco Products)

Dynamic Instrumentation for Shock, Vibration and Pressure Measurements Utilizing Piezoelectric, Piezoresistive and Variable Capacitance Technologies


Ametek Compliance Test Solutions

EMC Test Instrumentation and RF Amplifiers from Teseq, EM Test, Milmega and IFI

Cincinnati Sub Zero (CSZ)

Environmental Chambers from Benchtop to Walk-in for Lab, Manufacturing and Product Reliability

Despatch Industries

High temperature ovens for Lab, Industrial, and Manufacturing applications


Powerful, High-Speed, Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems

Dongling Technologies

Extensive lineup of vibration, shock and shake testing systems


Power Quality Instruments, Analyzers and Systems for Utility, Industrial, and Field Service

GE CommTest

Machinery Vibration Monitors, Portable Data Collectors and Balancers


Programmable AC/DC power supplies, electronic loads, and custom ATE solutions


Force & Torque Measurement Solutions

Rotek Instrument Corp

Precision Calibration Standards for Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power and Energy

Transient Specialists

EMC and ESD test equipment rentals

Universal Shielding Corp

RFI/EMI Shielded Enclosures

Power Systems List

Eaton ePDU

Rack Mountable Single and Three Phase Power Distribution Units

Eaton Powerware

Award Winning Line of UPS for Business and IT Applications


Industrial Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


AMCO Enclosures

Rack Mount Enclosures, Wall Mount Enclosures, Desktop Enclosures and Aluminum Framing

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